*2017* New Year’s Eve | Happy New Year 2017 Celebration

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the past year that occurs in all versions of the Animal Crossing series. As the first part of the two-part New Year celebration, this holiday is the climax of each year. Tortimer hosts an outdoor countdown party for the villagers in town. The day following the celebration is New Year’s Day, the second part of the New Year celebration.

In New Leaf, Redd appears at the countdown clock and sells hats. Similarly, in Dōbutsu no Mori, Redd took up a similar role.

new-years-eve-2017The holiday is analogous with the real world holiday of the same name. The villagers in the town will get excited about this event and how they celebrate it varies in all the different Animal Crossing games. Traditionally in many western countries, people sing “Auld Lang Syne,” a practice mirrored by the villagers in Animal Forest. Translated from Scots, the song’s title means “Times Gone By.”

Every year as the clock nears midnight on December 31, the eyes of the world turn once more to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Times Square. Anticipation runs high. New Year’s Eve at the symbolic center of New York City has become more than just a celebration – it’s a global tradition.

new-year-2017-new-years-eveAs the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descends atop One Times Square, an estimated one million people in Times Square, millions nationwide and over a billion watching throughout the world are united in bidding a collective farewell to the departing year, and expressing joy and hope for the year ahead.

Happy New Year 2017 Celebration

happy-new-year-2017-celebrationNew Year is the time when new calendar begins. According to Gregorian English calendar New Year begins from 1st January (New Year’s Day) onwards. The sequence of months starts from January and ends to December. Different culture and religion have separate New Year’s Day which may or may not coincide with the Gregorian calendar. Never the less various countries all over the world follow Gregorian calendar and commemorate New Year Day on 1st of January.

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