Happy Valentine’s Day 2017| Best Valentine’s Day SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp & Facebook Messages, Valentine’s Day greetings

Happy Valentines Day is celebrated on 14 February and couples enjoy this season of love by expressing their feelings to their loved ones. On this day, try making your loved ones feel that they are special for you, try taking a bit of efforts to make this day a memorable one. Happy Valentine Day to all out there!

So, on this happy valentines day churn out some best ideas to impress your partners and make this day memorable one! So, go ahead enjoy and celebrate the day of love to the fullest by expressing your feelings to your love and present it along with a romantic gift. On this Valentine Day, we have shared a bunch of romantic Happy Valentines Day 2017| Best Valentine’s Day SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp & Facebook Messages, happy Valentines Day greetings Valentine Day messages that you could send to your loved ones through SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook messages. Apart from just that even make them feel that they are special for you, try taking a bit of efforts to make this day a memorable one. Happy Valentine Day to all out there!

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

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Love surrounds us like light. We are warmed by the charm of our devotion.

Its does sounds funny, but yes, if a kiss could tell how much i love you, i will keep kissing you forever and ever.

A day without you in my life will never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life.

You keep the fire in my heart burning steadily, lover.


You wipe away tears and hold me when I have fear. You are everything I need, my Valentine dear.

If I were to sit back and watch our love story on a movie screen, it would be certain that it would be my favorite movie ever.

You know that I am not perfect but you make me feel perfect and beautiful in every way. Thank you.


Today is February 14th – St. Valentine’s day. Women call it Love day, while men name it as extortion day.

I love you just the way I am

Happy Valentines Day Messages


On this special day, I want to say thank you! Thank you for always making me feel like a Princess, for being my best friend and for being the best man a woman could ever wish to have by her side. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man of my dreams!

You’re not dating yet, so you don’t want to come on too strong—use one of these cheesy pick-up lines to make your valentine smile.

“If you were a Transformer, you’d be Optimus FINE.”

To my wonderful husband, I give and promise YOU, ALL of MY LOVE, for ALL of MY LIFE!!! You are my fairytale come true. I love you VERY MUCH!!!


If you need to cry; I will be your shoulder. If you need to laugh; I will be your smile. If you need a friend; I will be myself!

I miss you and I realize that i have told u this many times but i feel i can’t ever say it enough, i can’t wait to see you and hold you in my arms again, kiss you.

One day Love met Friendship… Love asked: “Why does one need friendship if love exists?” Friendship replied: “To put smiles on faces where you leave tears.” Wish you love and luck

Happy Valentines Day Wishes


Be my valentine,
In the east or west,
You know I love you best,
So give up the all rest,
And be my valentine,
No matter what the season,
It’s you I should be pleasing,
I love you is the reason,
Be my valentine.

I wish you were my Valentine
Though I may not be yours,
And I may, in my ignorance,
Be speaking to closed doors.
I have no inkling of your heart,
No hint what you might say;
But when I think of you the sun
Will just not go away.

Happy V Day 2017

This is a moon which learns from you,
That is a sun which respects you,
There are stars which shine for you,
And here, Its me who live for you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late
To tell someone how much you love,
How much you care.
Because when they’re gone,
No matter how loud you shout and cry,
They won’t hear you anymore.

Happy Valentine’s Day

V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A…..is for I will Always be yours
L…..is for Love at its most extreme
E…..is for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N…..is for Never-ending love
T…..is for we will Always be Together forever
I…..is for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I love you to
E…..is for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .

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